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  • Combat Early-season Soreness with these Routines

    (Source: DenaliNPS

    As spring comes and the days become longer into the evening, hikers are ready to go back on the trails. As the miles add up in the early season, though, that enthusiasm can turn into overuse injuries, cutting hikers' seasons short just as they're getting started. Keep leg and foot problems at bay with these simple exercises, and the miles will be pain-free and enjoyable.

  • What Should the Weight of Your Pack Be?

    (Source: Zach Dischner)

    This is a common question we get from both new and experienced hikers: What should the weight of your backpack be?


    Since there are so many variables that go into deciding pack weight, it's difficult to provide an exact weight recommendation for each hiker. 

  • How to Celebrate Earth Day in 2021

    April 22nd is Earth Day and now more than ever should we celebrate this day and every day going forward by showing our appreciation for making our planet a better place. COVID-19 has its mark on not only our lives but on our planet. Pollution from medical waste to municipal waste both organic and inorganic generation has had direct and indirect effects on the environment like our air, water, and soil. And with the bearing fact of how contagious the virus was, most countries postponed recycling efforts to reduce transmission which has led to increasing the landfilling and environmental pollutants globally.


    Conquering the virus and saving the planet is a huge undertaking, and it must be done collectively. So, for days like this and going forward, let us all do our part in making our planet a better place. Here are some ideas on how you can help and participate this Earth day and going forward:

  • Easter Sunday 2021: What to Expect & How to Make It a Fun-Filled Holiday

    Looking for ways to stay safe and still have a good time this Easter holiday? Check out our list of fun outdoor activities to keep everyone in the family entertained!
  • How to Restore Loft in Down Sleeping Bags

    Ever pull your down sleeping bag out of its stuff sack only to find it's flat as a pancake? Is your well-loved quilt not as fluffy as it once was? We've all been there. This post will teach you how to restore the loft in your down sleeping bag or quilt to near-new condition.

  • Easy Camping Hacks

    Whether it's your first time or fiftieth, camping hacks can make anyone's next outdoor trip easier. We've compiled some of the best, easiest tricks out there, whether you're car camping or backpacking.
  • Best Hikes in Southern California

     Source: Flickr

    Think SoCal is just a sprawling metropolis? Think again! This article covers some of the best hikes to check out in southern California, ranging from mountaintops to beaches, waterfalls to desert.

  • How to Clean a Hydration Bladder

    Ever wondered the best way to clean a hydration bladder? Today's post takes the guesswork out, giving the "why, what, and how" of keeping your water reservoir clean and bacteria-free.
  • Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day Outdoors

    Source: Flickr

    Scrambling to think of something to do to celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend? Why not spend the day in nature on a romantic outdoor date! Our list of ideas includes something for everyone, from the hardcore nature-lover to the timid tree-hugger.

  • How to Choose a Gaiter

    (Source: Freddie Phillips via Flickr)

    Most hikers have experienced getting rocks, sand, or even water in their shoes in the backcountry at one point or another. Gaiters are the solution to keeping these irritating things from making their way inside your hiking footwear and keeping your feet comfortable and dry. Not only do they prevent those pesky pebbles from sneaking into your shoes, gaiters also keep your legs insulated during cold weather, divert rain away from seeping into your shoes, and protect your ankles and shins from brush, rocks, and more. They take up little room in your pack when you're not using them, are very lightweight, and are relatively inexpensive.

    Gaiters are as varied as their intended uses. This can make it feel overwhelming when first researching your own pair. This article will cover the different styles of gaiters, materials, sizing, how to wear them, and some extra tips on choosing the right pair for your needs.

  • Recreate Responsibly during the COVID Winter

    Winter is here; however, it may look a lot different than what we’re used to. As we prepare to strap up for the next hiking, skiing, or snowboarding trip, the new year comes with new challenges and safety regulations that needs to be taken account of to enjoy this winter wonderland. Winter is known to be an unpredictable season and weather can swing drastically making safety an even bigger concern. With hospitals overwhelmed with patients, it is strongly recommended that you practice safety and recreate responsibly.

    recreate responsibly winter edition

  • How to choose a daypack

    Outdoor activities that would normally require you to carry more than what you can store in your pockets will need a daypack. Daypacks may appear similar in appearance; however, each pack contains purpose-built features.