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  • Night Hiking: Why it it may be better than hiking during the day

    Why hike at night?

    The question of why some people hike at night seems to stir controversy, normally due to the debatable factor of safety. It’s obvious that hiking at night will impair one’s vision causing difficulty to see compared to hiking during the daytime; however, hiking at night has its advantages. There’s less crowds, you get a break from the heat especially during the summer months, the stars and moon shine brighter on the trail compared to the city, and because your vision is impaired, your other senses will awaken, making you feel more connect to your surroundings and with nature.

  • Everything You Need for a Perfect Backyard Campout

    Sometimes one of the best places to get the kids active and out of the house, may actually be right in your own backyard. Backyard camping may actually be the perfect getaway adventure. You don’t have to deal with permits, parking, and the peace of mind of not forgetting any supplies can make the trip all the more relaxing. When it comes to creating your own backyard camp, anything goes from your most comfortable pillow and blanket to the food on the menu. When crafting out our own backyard campout, we would recommend starting with all the essentials you would normally take with you during a car camping trip and later customize it by adding things to your liking.

  • Ways to Lessen Your Environmental Impact

    There’s no sugar coating it--our world needs help. When we think about such a large task at hand such as fighting climate change, reducing waste, and cleaning up our land and oceans, it can leave one feeling overwhelmed. It is true that in order for us to even make a dent in bettering our environment, real solutions require action on a global scale. But there are choices that we can implement on a day-to-day basis that can help lessen your personal impact, and if we all contribute and change our habits collectively, the results will speak volume.

  • How to Get the Best Sleep During Camp

    Camping allows us the opportunity to break away from the modern luxuries and be closer to nature. However, that doesn’t mean sacrificing a good night’s sleep. With the right gear and preparation, we can get the most rejuvenating sleep underneath the starry sky. 

  • What to Wear for Backpacking

    clothes for backpacking

    As backpackers, we need to deal with the constant change of weather conditions under a variable of temperature ranges in combination with the aerobic exercise that causes your body warm up. Whether you’re going backpacking for months or just a weekend trip, your backpacking clothes are generally the same all year round.

    We should expect a lot from our clothes when backpacking. Our backpacking clothes should be breathable, wick moisture, dry quickly, keep us warm, and protect us from the elements.

    Having the right set of clothes that will provide insulation and protection is crucial for your safety in the backcountry. The thought of packing too little to save weight can put you in harm’s way, especially if you’re hiking in a remote area. Yet, overpacking may also lead you to having a heavy and bulkier pack, preventing you to go the distance. So how do you manage to cover all your bases in clothes so that your backpacking trip is a success?

  • National Parks Reopen: How you can recreate responsibly

    Tips to Recreate Responsibly

    If you’re planning to visit a national park, we encourage you to visit and safety guidelines to stay informed of what’s accessible and when.  

    • Stay Close: Follow your state and county orders that are governing the open state of the are you’re looking to visit. Try not to travel out of state.
    • Keep your distance: The reopening of state parks may lure in more crowds. Give others and yourself plenty of room when hiking and following social distancing guidelines for staying 6-feet away from others.
    • Leave No Trace: This is something we’re all familiar with but even more important during COVID-19. Remember during these times, park resources and are limited so be sure to pack everything in and out.
    • Know your limits: Avoid challenging hikes or new activities while first responders, parks, and communities continue to respond to the pandemic.
    • Plan ahead: Most facilities will be closed, be sure to pack lunch, hand sanitizer, wipes, and face coverings. 
    • Do not approach wildlife: With most of the population staying at home, there has been an increase in wildlife activity around city and wilderness areas. Keep a distance and do not approach.
  • A Guide to Backpacking Solo in the Backcountry

    As much as we love backpacking with a group or significant other, backpacking solo has its perks. A backpacking trip with just yourself would give you the opportunity to go at your own pace, self-reflect, and be the controller of how you want to make of your trip.

    Backpacking solo does come with its own challenges and dangers; without having any support, the idea came be daunting for first timers. However, under the right circumstances, the rewards of solo hiking and camping may just be the best way to enjoy the backcountry and get the self-isolation that we all yearn for from time to time.

  • How to Use Insect Repellent

    Biting Insects such as mosquitos and ticks are not only an annoyance but can sometimes pose serious risk to public health. Having the knowledge of how to effectively choose and apply insect repellent and tactics on preventing insect bites can go a long way.

    We’ll go over some tips on how to safely use insect repellent and ways to mitigate the chances of getting bit by our sworn enemies of the outdoors.

  • Essential Camping Knots

    Knowing how to properly tie a knot is an essential skill every person should know. When it comes to outdoor activities such as camping, having the knowledge of some basic knots will better your experience and safety. The different variations of knots are endless, so we broke them down to some fundamental knots that you should know, learn, or simply brush-up on.

  • TLC (Tent Loving Care) – Tent Care Basics

    As you would with your urban home, caring for your tent is no different. Although tents were designed to withstand the elements, they’re not indestructible. With the proper care and maintenance, a good tent can serve you many years.

    We’ll be showing you how to properly care for your tent during its lifecycle.

  • Health Benefits of CBD for Outdoor Athletes

    CBD for athletesThe abbreviation CBD seems to be found everywhere from over the counter lotions to even trail mix. By being inundated with a flood of information and claims, one can be left with some confusion on the details of how CBD actually works and when should you use it. But with everyone from pharmacists, athletes, and even my neighbor (who swears CBD works for calming her dog), one can have the perception of the auspicious effects of CBD. For the case of outdoor athletes, thru-hiking, rock climbing, and biking often promote trauma and prolonged wear and tear to the body which can lead to injury and pain. One might suffer from induced inflammation of their joints and often search for effective methods to recovery and pain relief; however, over-the-counter NSAID pain relievers such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium may pose more harm than good to your health. With this landscape of available pain relief treatments, it’s evident that more and more outdoor athletes are seeking alternatives and curious to the promises of CBD and its inflammatory qualities. But is it right for you? Before we go deeper, let us delve into what CBD is and how it works.
  • How to Celebrate Holidays During a Pandemic

    easter cookies during quarantine

    Between large-gathering bans and shortages in grocery stores, prepping for festivities and holidays is difficult this year for many and probably the last thing on our minds. But just like with any outdoor sport or recreational activity, reacting and making the most out of every situation is in our nature. Coincidentally, upcoming holidays like Easter and Passover celebrate not only renewal and rebirth but resiliency and redemption—the boundless spirit of life itself. Sure, the parties maybe smaller, or the traditional egg hunt may be cancelled due to the limited supply of eggs. Still we can gather however we are able to, whip up celebratory meals or order delivery, and plan games and activities for the kids.