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  • Recovery a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    After a multi-day backpacking trip, you’re gonna be exhausted from hiking and carrying gear. You might be already looking to plan your next trip. However, it's time to slow your horses there my friend. Take the time to recover from your trip, and even take precautionary steps to limit the drawbacks from a treacherous hike.

  • Walk the Trail, Don't Leave a Trail

    For anyone who’s been backpacking or looking to dive into the outdoors, the question marks around how to use the restroom on the trail loom in their minds.

    Here are some tips and key points to keep in mind to comfort those thoughts!


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  • Got Water?

    Living an active lifestyle takes a plethora of healthy habits. From consuming nutrient-rich foods, to exercising daily. However, one part of everyone’s daily habits that is often overlooked is staying hydrated. 

  • Sleep Tight, You Deserve It

    Imagine this: You’re planning a trip in the Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile on the iconic W Trek. It’s a 4-day trip that is set to be in the winter time. Let’s make sure you are well-rested and most importantly comfortable each night you sleep!

  • Head to the Beach Before Summer Ends!

    Summer is a time for many things, from children getting a break from their hours of online schooling to playing games and visiting theme parks, to friends and families taking long awaited vacations. However, a forever-staple to the summer season is going to beloved beaches across the world.
  • Backpackers and Campers' Food Storage and Handling

    camp table with food

    (Source: Ezra Paulekas)

    No matter where you camp, animals of various types can get into your food. If there are crumbs or snacks inside a tent or backpack, mice and other rodents, as well as bears, may gnaw straight through it.

    It is our responsibility as campers to guarantee that wild animals do not access human food. This disrupts their natural nutrition, makes them dependent on others, and puts them in danger. Bears that have become acquainted with humans and have become a nuisance may be killed.

    In addition to preventing conflicts with animals, correct food handling practices are essential for your health and enjoyment of your outdoor journey. Follow the rules below if you want to spend your time on the path rather than the latrine.

  • Does Camp Stove Fuel Ever Go Bad?

     You may have stumbled upon a can of stove fuel from seasons past in your gear closet and wondered, does this go bad?

    No, they won't go bad if you're talking about sealed butane-mix canisters. If you're talking about a jug of white gas, however, it's a different situation. White gas should be used within a few months of being opened.

  • Top Mistakes Made Backpacking for the First Time

    (Source: Jesse Wagstaff)

    If you have spent any time in the woods, you've almost certainly made some serious backcountry mistakes. We've done it without a doubt. In reality, due to all the foolish hiking blunders we've made over the years, we can only give "smart" hiking advice. Every one of the mishaps listed below (and probably more!) has happened to us at one time or another.

    We've made every hiking misstep known to man, but we've learned from our mistakes and come back for more. Because, no matter how serious the blunders, the good trail moments always overwhelm the bad.

  • Staff Picks: Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2021

    (Source: Quaries Official)

    Spending time outdoors could be the ideal Father's Day for adventurous fathers, especially since many are still spending more time indoors than usual due to the pandemic. Even the most minimalist dads, we're willing to guess, wouldn't turn down a present that allows them to make the most of their time outside. And, because being outside is still a low-risk activity, even parents who have never been on a path or in the woods may appreciate something that encourages them to do so this year. To assist you in finding the perfect gift for the outdoorsy father in your life, we’ve compiled a list of items that is a surefire way to kick start the outdoor adventures this summer.

  • Staff Picks: Best National Park Campsites

    There's something special about finding the ultimate campsite for your trip. Whether it's the majestic mountains, forested woods, or stony desert landscapes, that brings a certain allure. Set up camp for a memorable night at one of these ideal locations, which range from mountain views to a beach hideaway in the heart of Yosemite.

  • Combat Early-season Soreness with these Routines

    (Source: DenaliNPS

    As spring comes and the days become longer into the evening, hikers are ready to go back on the trails. As the miles add up in the early season, though, that enthusiasm can turn into overuse injuries, cutting hikers' seasons short just as they're getting started. Keep leg and foot problems at bay with these simple exercises, and the miles will be pain-free and enjoyable.

  • What Should the Weight of Your Pack Be?

    (Source: Zach Dischner)

    This is a common question we get from both new and experienced hikers: What should the weight of your backpack be?


    Since there are so many variables that go into deciding pack weight, it's difficult to provide an exact weight recommendation for each hiker.