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  • 7 Best Gifts For Backpackers

    Which is more fun: Giving or getting presents? It's a tough call, but when it comes to gifts for backpackers, the answer is easy. That's because, unlike most people, backpackers tend to be gearheads by nature. They love new toys, no matter how impractical they might seem. This season of giving, let us show love to our family and friends that share the same passion for the outdoors. We handpicked these gears to provide superb quality products that will surely bring excitement and joy to our fellow backpackers. 

  • 5 Important Tips To Rule Your Outdoor Adventure

    After a tiring day at work, you sat down beside the window and looked outside. You saw the clouds, the mountains and the brushing trees as the sun slowly fades away to the horizon. Nature has never been this awesome, you thought to yourself- I want to go hiking! But wait! You can't go outside without us having a few words of advice. Well, take it from the experts, I suppose. Here are 5 valuable tips for ruling your outdoor adventure.

  • Let's Start Training!

    (Credit: Chun Kit To via Flickr)

    You go to a gym, workout classes, or even get a personal trainer to help get you to reach your fitness goals. Have you thought about training for a backpacking trip? People don’t often think that there is a lot to it, however they gotta stop and think. You’re going to be experiencing inclines/declines, altitude changes, terrain changes, on top of carrying a full backpack. So, how do people train for a trip?

  • Help! I'm sick in the Backcountry!

    (Credit: sergejf via Flickr)

    It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is starting to rise, birds flying in the air. But all of a sudden, you get out of your sleeping bag and realize your nose is congested and you let out some coughs. It is much more different getting sick while you are out on your trip than when you are at home. However, if you educate yourself about symptoms and possible remedies, you may be able to continue your trip!

  • Food for Your Trip

    After a long day of work or school, one thing you always look forward to is that amazing smell of home-cooked food waiting for you on the stove. Whether it’s your mom’s lasagna, or grandma’s chili, it will always get you excited. However, after a long day of backpacking, you mostly likely will not be sharing in this experience that night. Here are some helpful food tips to get you through your trip. 

  • Mental Health: A Topic Worth Thinking About

    There is so much that we are forced to juggle every single day. We often think about: What should I eat for lunch? What time can I go to the gym? Who is picking up the kids? How do I this project for work? However, we don’t ever stop to think about: How am I feeling? Am I burnt out? How can I relax today? We can’t go on throughout the day without caring for our mental health.

  • The Cold is Coming!

    Some of the most amazing backpacking trails in the world are partnered with cold weather. It may be at night, maybe just during early morning, or even throughout the entire day. So, how do you stay warm while you are out on the trail in the cold?

  • California, Knows How to Backpack

    (Credit: Matthew Dillon via Flickr)
    When you think of California, what do you think of? Disneyland? San Francisco? Hollywood? Well, something you may not think about is the backpacking trails the Golden State has to offer!
  • Recovery a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    After a multi-day backpacking trip, you’re gonna be exhausted from hiking and carrying gear. You might be already looking to plan your next trip. However, it's time to slow your horses there my friend. Take the time to recover from your trip, and even take precautionary steps to limit the drawbacks from a treacherous hike.

  • Walk the Trail, Don't Leave a Trail

    For anyone who’s been backpacking or looking to dive into the outdoors, the question marks around how to use the restroom on the trail loom in their minds.

    Here are some tips and key points to keep in mind to comfort those thoughts!


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  • Got Water?

    Living an active lifestyle takes a plethora of healthy habits. From consuming nutrient-rich foods, to exercising daily. However, one part of everyone’s daily habits that is often overlooked is staying hydrated. 

  • Sleep Tight, You Deserve It

    Imagine this: You’re planning a trip in the Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile on the iconic W Trek. It’s a 4-day trip that is set to be in the winter time. Let’s make sure you are well-rested and most importantly comfortable each night you sleep!