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Blog posts

  • How to Celebrate Holidays During a Pandemic

    easter cookies during quarantine

    Between large-gathering bans and shortages in grocery stores, prepping for festivities and holidays is difficult this year for many and probably the last thing on our minds. But just like with any outdoor sport or recreational activity, reacting and making the most out of every situation is in our nature. Coincidentally, upcoming holidays like Easter and Passover celebrate not only renewal and rebirth but resiliency and redemption—the boundless spirit of life itself. Sure, the parties maybe smaller, or the traditional egg hunt may be cancelled due to the limited supply of eggs. Still we can gather however we are able to, whip up celebratory meals or order delivery, and plan games and activities for the kids. 

  • Camp Recipes: Korean Tofu Soybean Stew

    camp recipes korean soybean stew

    Delicious, warm, hearty, and comforting stew. Made with Doenjang jjigae and a freestyle of other ingredients, this Korean stew is a staple and one of the most representative dishes of everyday Korean meals. Learning this recipe for your next camping trip will be a sure-fire way to impress your group.

  • How to Tackle Quarantine and Social Distancing

    How to have all the fun of camping without leaving home

    During last week’s announcement when officials declared outdoor activities such as hiking safe from the bans and closures as long as we practiced social distancing, this gave us a brighter way in dealing with the outbreak. Getting some exercise and taking our minds away from the overcrowding of supermarkets and cooking your 17th meal of the day, would at least keep us calm, let alone sane.

    As the week progressed, trails became overcrowded and deemed unsafe and closures started to be implemented by many parks. Parking lots, trail heads, and even the remote zones were closed to the public. We are now advised to now stay home.

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