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Blog posts

  • 7 Best Gifts For Backpackers

    Which is more fun: Giving or getting presents? It's a tough call, but when it comes to gifts for backpackers, the answer is easy. That's because, unlike most people, backpackers tend to be gearheads by nature. They love new toys, no matter how impractical they might seem. This season of giving, let us show love to our family and friends that share the same passion for the outdoors. We handpicked these gears to provide superb quality products that will surely bring excitement and joy to our fellow backpackers. 

  • 5 Important Tips To Rule Your Outdoor Adventure

    After a tiring day at work, you sat down beside the window and looked outside. You saw the clouds, the mountains and the brushing trees as the sun slowly fades away to the horizon. Nature has never been this awesome, you thought to yourself- I want to go hiking! But wait! You can't go outside without us having a few words of advice. Well, take it from the experts, I suppose. Here are 5 valuable tips for ruling your outdoor adventure.

  • Let's Start Training!

    (Credit: Chun Kit To via Flickr)

    You go to a gym, workout classes, or even get a personal trainer to help get you to reach your fitness goals. Have you thought about training for a backpacking trip? People don’t often think that there is a lot to it, however they gotta stop and think. You’re going to be experiencing inclines/declines, altitude changes, terrain changes, on top of carrying a full backpack. So, how do people train for a trip?

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