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Blog posts

  • Night Hiking: Why it it may be better than hiking during the day

    Why hike at night?

    The question of why some people hike at night seems to stir controversy, normally due to the debatable factor of safety. It’s obvious that hiking at night will impair one’s vision causing difficulty to see compared to hiking during the daytime; however, hiking at night has its advantages. There’s less crowds, you get a break from the heat especially during the summer months, the stars and moon shine brighter on the trail compared to the city, and because your vision is impaired, your other senses will awaken, making you feel more connect to your surroundings and with nature.

  • Everything You Need for a Perfect Backyard Campout

    Sometimes one of the best places to get the kids active and out of the house, may actually be right in your own backyard. Backyard camping may actually be the perfect getaway adventure. You don’t have to deal with permits, parking, and the peace of mind of not forgetting any supplies can make the trip all the more relaxing. When it comes to creating your own backyard camp, anything goes from your most comfortable pillow and blanket to the food on the menu. When crafting out our own backyard campout, we would recommend starting with all the essentials you would normally take with you during a car camping trip and later customize it by adding things to your liking.

  • Ways to Lessen Your Environmental Impact

    There’s no sugar coating it--our world needs help. When we think about such a large task at hand such as fighting climate change, reducing waste, and cleaning up our land and oceans, it can leave one feeling overwhelmed. It is true that in order for us to even make a dent in bettering our environment, real solutions require action on a global scale. But there are choices that we can implement on a day-to-day basis that can help lessen your personal impact, and if we all contribute and change our habits collectively, the results will speak volume.

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