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  • Interested In Climbing? Start With Bouldering

    If you're looking for something a bit different, exciting and a long term sport that you can practice for the rest of your life, not to mention going to scenic spots and actually being able to be with the outdoors, then climbing is one of those sports that is best in this category, not to mention that you'll never get bored with it. The only thing to take note is, it may not be for everybody. Since it is considered an extreme sport and many find it to be more difficult than you'd expect, it isn't always evident how to begin and start this kind of activity.

    The good news is that bouldering has become a popular subgenre of the said sport because of how approachable it is, and that it is now easier than it has ever been to give it a try. In addition to that, there is unlimited potential for advancement. The sport is so fascinating that you literally never stop learning in the course of participating in it. There is no such thing as a repeat to every challenge and each situation is new.   Since this is the case, why not get started right away? 

  • Why Just Moving Is More Powerful Than You Think

    Did you know that the very act of moving might bring about profound changes, when we say changes, they're positive ones that can give you transformational development. You may already be aware of some of the advantages, such as the fact that regular exercise has been known to enhance sleep quality, lower high blood pressure, increase bone density and many more. However, the question is, does physical activity have the potential to help us develop into better people?

    Join us as we dive a little more to know why just moving is more powerful than you think.

  • How to choose the right camp spot

    When going camping, there are certain things that you just cannot prepare for because we can never predict what will really happen during our trip. That is why it is important to plan, prepare and educate yourself. One important aspect and necessary to know beforehand is how to choose a decent location for your tent. This will either dictate how safe, secure and comfortable you'll be on your most vulnerable while you sleep at camp through the night. 

  • How To Cook Dehydrated Pasta Primavera At Camp

    It's not your normal hiking food, but this dehydrated pasta primavera is both fresh and satisfying! When you've been out in the wilderness for a few days, you've probably been yearning for some fresh veggies, and this dish has them in spades.

    Choosing the correct nutritional profile for your camping meals may be a delicate juggling act. Calorie density should be your first priority and range the rest from  fats and oils to keep you going. But would it be cool if you add a  little variety in the form of veggies? Well, that wouldn't hurt if you're into it.


  • First Aid Tricks When Hiking With Your Dog

    Paw injuries sustained by our furry friends are easy to identify and, at times, are spot on. However, the diagnosis of many other canine problems may be difficult to "you can't truly know" until you take them to the veterinarian for a thorough checkup . In contrast to your other traveling companions, dogs are unable to communicate with you when they are in pain. Get yourself familiarized with some fundamental first aid procedures before you go out on the trail with your four-legged friend. Here are several things you could need. 

  • Tips for hiking in the heat

    Well what do you know, summer is here! When the weather is nice, bright and sunny, it's time to put on your hiking boots and go off for an alpine lake hike, a mountain peak climb, or a stunning slot canyon adventure. Regardless of the fun you can all have, If you don't know how to handle the extreme heat that comes along with the sun, your fun day might quickly turn into an uncomfortable and even deadly one.

    So how do we make the most of our hike on a bright and sunny day? Hold your horses, we got you! 

  • The Pivotal Role in Chinese Immigrant Involvement with Yosemite

    Who would have guessed that the spectacular and breathtaking Yosemite National Park has its early origins firmly anchored to Chinese immigrants who played a crucial part in the establishment of the national park. These Chinese immigrants became so  instrumental that the development of the park would never be this successful without them. Cheers for that!

    Let us dive a bit deeper into this marvelous piece of history and unravel a chunk of it as we appreciate our fellow Chinese people who contributed and sacrificed their time and effort in building the one we now love, Yosemite national park!

  • Why Fabrics Matter For Gear

    As with other areas of tent design, choosing the right fabric requires careful consideration. It is somewhat like a balancing act to complement form with its function and coming up with a design is not an easy feat.

    Because each kind of material has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, picking the "perfect" fabric boils down to determining which trade-offs you are willing to accept. It is a widespread misconception that investing more money in an expensive product ensures that you will get the "greatest" and longest-lasting version of that thing. It's possible in the case with working tools such as hammers, wrench and many more, but when it comes to textiles and tents, there is no clear winner and the situation with tents is that even the most basic four-season tent should be able to withstand gusts that would bring down an expensive top-of-the-line tent designed for thru-hikers.


  • How To Plan A Backpacking Trip

    We all love backpacking and as you already know, we have done tons of outdoor adventures and we assure you that every moment is worth living for! But what about first time backpackers? Is it worth the hype to travel and go on a backpacking trip? Definitely a big yes! If you want to have first hand experience with nature with its glory, then backpacking is your best choice.

    Ready yourselves to unwind. The following tips are geared specifically for those who are backpacking for the first time and may be an excellent help to them. Who knows, having these could give you an edge to win the trail easily and enjoy that backpacking trip you’ve always wanted.





  • Incredible Places That Should Be National Parks

    Indeed, one of America's most brilliant innovations was the system of national parks, not to mention that this was, if not the best idea to backpackers, hikers and adventure seekers like us. They are such a good concept, that all of their locations are on the bucket list for the majority of people! From the age-old magnificence of Yellowstone to the New River Gorge that is kind. 

    However, these national monuments are also typically packed to the gills with people specially on peak seasons. In short, they're extremely crowded! 

    But wait, we got you! We have here some alternatives that not only give you stunning views but also offer superb experience like those of the national parks. The locations on this list are paths that get fewer visitors than others. That is why these are a must for people who like to enjoy peace and solitude. There are remote old-growth woods and uncharted shores that are only a few clicks away from the normal vacation plan you might have. Don't worry, you can easily locate these places by using the internet. All of them have the same great views as the national parks, and who knows, maybe one day they'll all be elevated to the likes of  Yellowstone!



  • What Is Thru-Hiking?

    What aspects of a trek qualify it as a "thru-hike"? A journey from beginning to finish along a long-distance path, such as the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail, is known as a thru-hike. For example, the Pacific Crest Trail is over 2,600 miles long and goes from Mexico to Canada, while the Appalachian Trail stretches from Georgia to Maine and is over 2,100 miles long. These long trails are best described as thru hiking.



  • How To Choose Sun-Protective Clothing

    Taking in the gentle, comforting rays of the sun is one of the best parts about being outside in the fresh air. However, as is the case with the majority of life's pleasures, it is best enjoyed in moderation. Sunlight contains beams of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and being exposed to these rays may result in sunburn, accelerated skin aging, and even skin cancer.

    Hold your worries, we got you!  If you wear clothing that has been specifically designed for sun protection and has been tested to validate its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) you will have a higher control at the overall amount of UV exposure you get.