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  • Let's Start Training!

    (Credit: Chun Kit To via Flickr)

    You go to a gym, workout classes, or even get a personal trainer to help get you to reach your fitness goals. Have you thought about training for a backpacking trip? People don’t often think that there is a lot to it, however they gotta stop and think. You’re going to be experiencing inclines/declines, altitude changes, terrain changes, on top of carrying a full backpack. So, how do people train for a trip?

  • Food for Your Trip

    After a long day of work or school, one thing you always look forward to is that amazing smell of home-cooked food waiting for you on the stove. Whether it’s your mom’s lasagna, or grandma’s chili, it will always get you excited. However, after a long day of backpacking, you mostly likely will not be sharing in this experience that night. Here are some helpful food tips to get you through your trip. 

  • Mental Health: A Topic Worth Thinking About

    There is so much that we are forced to juggle every single day. We often think about: What should I eat for lunch? What time can I go to the gym? Who is picking up the kids? How do I this project for work? However, we don’t ever stop to think about: How am I feeling? Am I burnt out? How can I relax today? We can’t go on throughout the day without caring for our mental health.

  • The Cold is Coming!

    Some of the most amazing backpacking trails in the world are partnered with cold weather. It may be at night, maybe just during early morning, or even throughout the entire day. So, how do you stay warm while you are out on the trail in the cold?

  • Recovery a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    After a multi-day backpacking trip, you’re gonna be exhausted from hiking and carrying gear. You might be already looking to plan your next trip. However, it's time to slow your horses there my friend. Take the time to recover from your trip, and even take precautionary steps to limit the drawbacks from a treacherous hike.

  • Walk the Trail, Don't Leave a Trail

    For anyone who’s been backpacking or looking to dive into the outdoors, the question marks around how to use the restroom on the trail loom in their minds.

    Here are some tips and key points to keep in mind to comfort those thoughts!


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  • Head to the Beach Before Summer Ends!

    Summer is a time for many things, from children getting a break from their hours of online schooling to playing games and visiting theme parks, to friends and families taking long awaited vacations. However, a forever-staple to the summer season is going to beloved beaches across the world.
  • Backpackers and Campers' Food Storage and Handling

    camp table with food

    (Source: Ezra Paulekas)

    No matter where you camp, animals of various types can get into your food. If there are crumbs or snacks inside a tent or backpack, mice and other rodents, as well as bears, may gnaw straight through it.

    It is our responsibility as campers to guarantee that wild animals do not access human food. This disrupts their natural nutrition, makes them dependent on others, and puts them in danger. Bears that have become acquainted with humans and have become a nuisance may be killed.

    In addition to preventing conflicts with animals, correct food handling practices are essential for your health and enjoyment of your outdoor journey. Follow the rules below if you want to spend your time on the path rather than the latrine.

  • Does Camp Stove Fuel Ever Go Bad?

     You may have stumbled upon a can of stove fuel from seasons past in your gear closet and wondered, does this go bad?

    No, they won't go bad if you're talking about sealed butane-mix canisters. If you're talking about a jug of white gas, however, it's a different situation. White gas should be used within a few months of being opened.

  • Combat Early-season Soreness with these Routines

    (Source: DenaliNPS

    As spring comes and the days become longer into the evening, hikers are ready to go back on the trails. As the miles add up in the early season, though, that enthusiasm can turn into overuse injuries, cutting hikers' seasons short just as they're getting started. Keep leg and foot problems at bay with these simple exercises, and the miles will be pain-free and enjoyable.

  • What Should the Weight of Your Pack Be?

    (Source: Zach Dischner)

    This is a common question we get from both new and experienced hikers: What should the weight of your backpack be?


    Since there are so many variables that go into deciding pack weight, it's difficult to provide an exact weight recommendation for each hiker. 

  • How to Celebrate Earth Day in 2021

    April 22nd is Earth Day and now more than ever should we celebrate this day and every day going forward by showing our appreciation for making our planet a better place. COVID-19 has its mark on not only our lives but on our planet. Pollution from medical waste to municipal waste both organic and inorganic generation has had direct and indirect effects on the environment like our air, water, and soil. And with the bearing fact of how contagious the virus was, most countries postponed recycling efforts to reduce transmission which has led to increasing the landfilling and environmental pollutants globally.


    Conquering the virus and saving the planet is a huge undertaking, and it must be done collectively. So, for days like this and going forward, let us all do our part in making our planet a better place. Here are some ideas on how you can help and participate this Earth day and going forward: