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  • Easter Sunday 2021: What to Expect & How to Make It a Fun-Filled Holiday

    Looking for ways to stay safe and still have a good time this Easter holiday? Check out our list of fun outdoor activities to keep everyone in the family entertained!
  • How to Restore Loft in Down Sleeping Bags

    Ever pull your down sleeping bag out of its stuff sack only to find it's flat as a pancake? Is your well-loved quilt not as fluffy as it once was? We've all been there. This post will teach you how to restore the loft in your down sleeping bag or quilt to near-new condition.

  • Easy Camping Hacks

    Whether it's your first time or fiftieth, camping hacks can make anyone's next outdoor trip easier. We've compiled some of the best, easiest tricks out there, whether you're car camping or backpacking.
  • Best Hikes in Southern California

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    Think SoCal is just a sprawling metropolis? Think again! This article covers some of the best hikes to check out in southern California, ranging from mountaintops to beaches, waterfalls to desert.

  • How to Clean a Hydration Bladder

    Ever wondered the best way to clean a hydration bladder? Today's post takes the guesswork out, giving the "why, what, and how" of keeping your water reservoir clean and bacteria-free.
  • Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day Outdoors

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    Scrambling to think of something to do to celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend? Why not spend the day in nature on a romantic outdoor date! Our list of ideas includes something for everyone, from the hardcore nature-lover to the timid tree-hugger.

  • How to Choose a Gaiter

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    Most hikers have experienced getting rocks, sand, or even water in their shoes in the backcountry at one point or another. Gaiters are the solution to keeping these irritating things from making their way inside your hiking footwear and keeping your feet comfortable and dry. Not only do they prevent those pesky pebbles from sneaking into your shoes, gaiters also keep your legs insulated during cold weather, divert rain away from seeping into your shoes, and protect your ankles and shins from brush, rocks, and more. They take up little room in your pack when you're not using them, are very lightweight, and are relatively inexpensive.

    Gaiters are as varied as their intended uses. This can make it feel overwhelming when first researching your own pair. This article will cover the different styles of gaiters, materials, sizing, how to wear them, and some extra tips on choosing the right pair for your needs.

  • How to choose a daypack

    Outdoor activities that would normally require you to carry more than what you can store in your pockets will need a daypack. Daypacks may appear similar in appearance; however, each pack contains purpose-built features.
  • Night Hiking: Why it it may be better than hiking during the day

    Why hike at night?

    The question of why some people hike at night seems to stir controversy, normally due to the debatable factor of safety. It’s obvious that hiking at night will impair one’s vision causing difficulty to see compared to hiking during the daytime; however, hiking at night has its advantages. There’s less crowds, you get a break from the heat especially during the summer months, the stars and moon shine brighter on the trail compared to the city, and because your vision is impaired, your other senses will awaken, making you feel more connect to your surroundings and with nature.

  • Everything You Need for a Perfect Backyard Campout

    Sometimes one of the best places to get the kids active and out of the house, may actually be right in your own backyard. Backyard camping may actually be the perfect getaway adventure. You don’t have to deal with permits, parking, and the peace of mind of not forgetting any supplies can make the trip all the more relaxing. When it comes to creating your own backyard camp, anything goes from your most comfortable pillow and blanket to the food on the menu. When crafting out our own backyard campout, we would recommend starting with all the essentials you would normally take with you during a car camping trip and later customize it by adding things to your liking.

  • How to Get the Best Sleep During Camp

    Camping allows us the opportunity to break away from the modern luxuries and be closer to nature. However, that doesn’t mean sacrificing a good night’s sleep. With the right gear and preparation, we can get the most rejuvenating sleep underneath the starry sky. 

  • What to Wear for Backpacking

    clothes for backpacking

    As backpackers, we need to deal with the constant change of weather conditions under a variable of temperature ranges in combination with the aerobic exercise that causes your body warm up. Whether you’re going backpacking for months or just a weekend trip, your backpacking clothes are generally the same all year round.

    We should expect a lot from our clothes when backpacking. Our backpacking clothes should be breathable, wick moisture, dry quickly, keep us warm, and protect us from the elements.

    Having the right set of clothes that will provide insulation and protection is crucial for your safety in the backcountry. The thought of packing too little to save weight can put you in harm’s way, especially if you’re hiking in a remote area. Yet, overpacking may also lead you to having a heavy and bulkier pack, preventing you to go the distance. So how do you manage to cover all your bases in clothes so that your backpacking trip is a success?